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Construction Services

Your comprehensive forensic construction source


Construction Services

The SC Wright Group offers a full range of Nationwide Forensic Construction Services, including but not limited to residential and commercial remodeling, remediation, reconstruction and restoration. 

Our services also include construction management, tenant improvements, destructive testing and much more. Our construction clients include individual homeowners, developers, builders, city, county and other municipalities, manufacturers, community-based businesses, banks, law firms, international and local insurance companies and public and private investors.

Why should I retain a Forensic Contractor?

As a Forensic Contractor, SC Wright. and its team of professionals have been specifically trained to observe, collect, maintain and preserve forensic evidence that may exist during the performance of our services. This is of vital importance should the situation become a litigation file.  

As a Forensic Contractor, SC Wright can testify regarding Standard-Of-Care and Standard-Of-Practice.  We are retained on behalf of a Builder/General Contractor as well as the subcontractor and material supplier trades.  We regularly testify regarding construction sequencing, cost-of-repair and means-and-methods of repair.  Architects/Engineers are limited in their capacity because typically they are involved only in design and not the operations of the construction. In addition, Architects/Engineers will not typically qualify to opine on subcontractor issues.

SC Wright is an active construction company with a full construction department. When we create a forensic Cost of Repair, the cost of repair can be considered a Bid to perform the work. In other words, our Cost of Repair is a real life cost…not a hypothetical or theoretical cost.

What is Destructive Testing?

Destructive Testing is the opportunity to test and open the building to observe the manner in which it was constructed and identify the specific mode of failure, if any. SC Wright destructive testing crews have been skillfully trained to “peel-the-onion”; we carefully remove layer-by-layer in order to document and identify the precise cause of the issue. Our crews have also been trained in the proper methods of protection to occupants and personal property, thus eliminating costly follow-up issues with occupants and/or owners. 

Are special inspection tools required, and does SC Wright have them?

YES. We employ a vast array of specialized and certified testing equipment to aid in our forensic analysis. Our team of experts have been trained to know when and how to use each of the testing equipment in our inventory, including: water testing spray racks, infra-red thermal imaging cameras, surface moisture meters, penetrating moisture meters, bore-scope, and other equipment. All of our testing equipment is continuously re-calibrated and re-certified per manufacturers’ recommendations and schedules.

Following is a brief list of services offered on a Nationwide basis:

  • SB-800 Repair Services - California

  • NRS40 Repair Services - Nevada

  • Full-Service General Contracting

  • Development and Design Coordination

  • Project Budgeting

  • New Construction Cost Estimates and Evaluations

  • Contract and Subcontract Composition

  • Construction Contract Negotiation

  • All Phases of Job Scheduling

  • Establishing Pay Schedules

  • On-Site Inspections

  • Maintenance Program Evaluation

  • Full-Service Post-Construction Audits

  • Remediation, Restoration and Reconstruction Management and Documentation

  • Repair and Reconstruction Cost Estimates

  • Damage Evaluations

  • Full Destructive Testing

  • Mold Remediation and Abatement Management and Documentation

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service Hotline with Emergency Response Team


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California License No.:513542

Florida License No.: CGC1520466