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SC Wright Group

Your comprehensive forensic construction source


Nationwide Consulting and Construction Services

SC Wright Group is the nation’s leading forensic construction firm providing expert, cost-effective services for developers, owners, general contractors, subcontractors, insurance companies, and attorneys throughout the United States.

We offer a complete spectrum of forensic construction services to our clients:  pre-construction analysis, quality assurance services during construction, complete forensic consulting and expert witness testimony, destructive testing, risk exposure assessment, industry training programs, construction, reconstruction, repair, and remediation.

While other forensic consultants claim to offer similar services, the fact is only SC Wright offers this comprehensive package. As an active and experienced construction firm for over two decades, we enhance our forensic consulting services with the capacity to determine the costs of repair and then complete the necessary repair and reconstruction projects. This ability distinguishes us from every other company in the forensic construction industry and provides our clients with credible representation in the legal arena. SC Wright’s extensive services are pre-approved by most major insurance carriers for consulting and construction services.

In a business where so much is riding on the countless details of each project, it pays to utilize the expert services of a company that is active in every facet of forensic construction.

The SC Wright Group stands alone in the construction industry, combining a complete spectrum of expert forensic consulting and construction services with the unique ability to perform all necessary repair and reconstruction projects, ensuring cost-effective, outstanding results for insurance companies, attorneys, developers, general contractors, subcontractors and owners.

Areas of Practice

forensic consulting

As an active construction company, SC Wright can enter into a construction contract to test, repair and reconstruct projects, resulting in credible ‘real world’ cost estimates and evaluations in a court of law. The SC Wright Group provides clients with comprehensive resolution orientated and budget sensitive solutions.

training services

SC Wright has developed training classes and courses designed to enhance the productivity of risk managers, insurance claims adjusters, attorneys, builders, and developers by providing them with the knowledge to proactively address specific problematic areas within the construction process.

construction services

SC Wright offers a full range of Nationwide Forensic Construction Services including but not limited to residential and commercial remodeling, remediation, reconstruction and restoration. Our services also include construction management, tenant improvements, destructive testing, and much more.  Our construction clients include individual homeowners, developers, builders, city, county and other municipalities, manufacturers, community-based businesses, banks, law firms, international and local insurance companies and public and private investors.

construction projects

The range of projects that SC Wright has built showcases an impressive display of versatility - from custom homes, to office buildings, to multi-million dollar complexes. While each project has its own unique characteristics, they all share one common trait: state of the art quality construction.

risk assessment

Insurance Carriers have become more sensitive to the increasing cost of construction defect litigation and risk exposure.  SC Wright has developed a “Risk Exposure Assessment Program” which enables claim professionals to proactively determine exposure, damages and to set reserves. 

project mgmt program

SC Wright offers its clients access to our secured web-based 24-hour live Project Management Program (PMP).  The PMP is our repository for case related photos, documents, field notes, reports, cost of repair, allocation documents and much more.


The road to success is always under construction.
— Arnold Palmer


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