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Risk Assessment

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Risk Exposure Assessment

Insurance Carriers have become more sensitive to the increasing cost of construction defect litigation and risk exposure.  SC Wright Group has developed a “Risk Exposure Assessment Program” which enables claim professionals to proactively determine exposure, damages and to set reserves. 

Early assessment is the key for claim professionals to establish the Risk Exposure and proper reserving. 

Please contact our office should you wish to discuss this program further.

Condition Assessment Reports

Many developers and real estate investors are purchasing pre-existing projects. Whether the project is a completed development or one that has been abandoned during the course of construction, SC Wright can assist in the evaluation of the project through our Condition Assessment Reports. 

Commercial buildings, investment properties and other similar projects can be evaluated using our nationally recognized investigation and assessment report protocols. 

The SC Wright assessment report will provide the prospective investors and property purchasers with the necessary condition assessment information for proper evaluation of the structural condition, potential life expectancy and future risks. 

The basis for the SC Wright condition assessment is ASTM E2018 “Standard for Property Condition Assessments.” 

Our Condition Assessment report addresses the following: 

  • Building materials evaluation

  • Life expectancy of systems components

  • Proactive maintenance recommendations

  • Property condition assessments

  • Life safety evaluations

  • Feasibility studies

  • Disability guidelines

  • Cost of repair

What is Destructive Testing?

Destructive Testing is the opportunity to test and open the building to observe the manner in which it was constructed and identify the specific mode of failure, if any.  SC Wright destructive testing crews have been skillfully trained to “peel-the-onion”; we carefully remove layer-by-layer in order to document and identify the precise cause of the issue.  Our crews have also been trained in the proper methods of protection to occupants and personal property, thus eliminating costly follow-up issues with occupants and/or owners. 

Should you be interested in an evaluation of a project that is abandoned mid-construction, be it a Single Family Home development or a condominium tower, our team can provide a professional assessment which will provide for a real picture of the condition of the project.

Please contact our office via email or call toll free (877) 839-6909 for more information or for a sample report.